Manno Town


 Topographical Features

On March 20,2006 three towns(Town of Manno,Kotonami and Chunan)merged into the new town of Manno.

Located in the southwestern part of Kagawa Prefecture, Manno is nearly 194.17 square Kilometers.
In the western part of the town, there are about 500 reservoirs, including the largest irrigation reservoir in Japan, "Manno-Ike(Manno Pond)" ,this is also the origin of the town's name.

The southern part of the town is bordered by the Sanuki Mountain Range which includes the Ryu-o Mountain and the Daisen Mountain with peaks over 1,000 meters above sea level.
Doki River, the only first Grade River in Kagawa Prefecture, runs at the foot of the mountain range.

 Town Symbol

  We designed the Japanese "Katakana" character of "マ" (Ma from word of "Manno") as our town symbol. The round shape of the symbol means "Happy and calm". In addition, the symbol represents the image of a sprouting seed as the beginning of the new town.

Manno Town Hall
Yosino Shimo 430
Manno-cho, Nakatado-gun,
Kagawa-ken 766-0022
TEL:0877-73-0100 FAX:0877-73-0112
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